Kathleen Quinlan works with Isadoras choreography for children. She teaches today’s children to meet the natural unaffected and the classic beauty which is unique and of value. The young ones dance with obvious conviction of belief in what they are doing and the teenage girls would make Boticellis heart melt.
— Margareta Sörenson

Lilla Baletten is unique in that it is one of the only dance companies for children in the world that performs the original choreography in direct lineage from Isadora Duncan. Kathleen started Lilla Baletten in 1993 to have a living tradition of the work of Isadora for children. The dance company is for girls between the ages of four and 19.

Today many of these young dancers of Lilla Baletten have gone on to dance at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, Ballet Academy plus various dance schools and companies.


 Fotograf: Tina Axelsson